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Sometimes, trees just need a helping hand to “tidy them up”.

Types of Crown Work:

  • Tree Crown Reduction
  • Tree Crown Thinning
  • Tree Crown Lifting


Rochdale Tree Crowning

Tree Crown Reduction reduces the height, and/or the spread of your a tree’s CROWN. This method can make the tree more suited to its immediate environment and also can reduce the effects of shading and loss of sunlight. On the other hand, it can be used if your tree is weak, diseased and/or in an  unstable state.

Commercial tree work can be required when a tree become too big. As an example, a tree that has overhead wires passing through it could pose a hazard or create interference problems. Unbalanced trees can be greatly affected by the wind and a crown reduction is great for reducing the overall weight of the tree.

Our tree surgeons take great pride in the art of crown reduction. Successfully performing the procedures using our experience, training, knowledge and skill, as well as giving you expert advice.


Tree Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is a pruning technique. It is used to try and improve the structure, while increasing air flow and light penetration throughout the crown of the tree. It is also used to remove the risk of falling branches caused by rubbing and dead wood. Damaged branches allow for decay, this improves tree health by enabling reproductive growth too.

The process removes branches evenly throughout the crown of the tree. Crown Thinning does not alter the overall shape or size of your tree. It just allows more sunlight to get through to your property and garden. Because of this, other plants (and other trees) will benefit from more sunlight.

Our tree care experts will selectively remove branches, taking care not to exceed the recommended reduction for each tree type. We love taking care of trees and will ensure the character of your tree remains.


Tree Crown Thinning 1

Tree Crown Lifting takes away the lowest branches and/or prepares the lower branches for future removal. The Crown Lifting process is usually used to make more space below the tree. Because of this, it can be great for your lawn and flowers. This procedure can be done to provide access beneath an obstructive tree or to try and ensure the safety of pedestrians or animals from falling branches. It may also discourage people from trying to climb the tree.

To begin with, our professional tree care team will work out how best to lift the tree’s canopy whilst retaining the shape of the crown.

Our tree surgeons will take great care when pruning your tree. When Crown Lifting the branches our tree surgeons will make sure the tree is well balanced and shaped so that it is aesthetically pleasing to the tree loving eye.

Our tree specialists understand the importance of leaving the more mature, larger branches that protrude from the trunk. Removing them would result in large wounds, which can lead to instability and decay. Instead it’s important to remove the smaller branches – speeding up recovery time and reducing stress induced by the procedure.

We are professional arborists with many years of experience in tree cutting, management, felling and stump removal. If you should you need to remove a tree in the Northwest region, you can trust Northwest Trees & Stumps removal services to safely do the job with minimum disturbance.


We can help you find out if the tree you wish to work on is under a “Tree Preservation Order” by the local council. We can also help you obtain the correct permissions.

Depending on how busy we are we usually say it can be up to two weeks, but we can sometimes squeeze you in later today! it all depends on where our tree team is working and how they are progressing with their current work load.

When you buy a new house can you ask the builder how much it will cost to build you a house? … No. The builder needs to know exactly how many things he needs to build, what is the land and access like? Is it in town or on a cliff face? etc etc.

Here are some of the factors we need to take in to account when quoting to carry out a CROWN REDUCTION (or other work) for you:

We need to supply 2 qualified tree surgeons. The second tree surgeon can help with the work load but he is also there as a safety precaution if the first tree surgeon gets injured in the coarse of his work.

It obviously depends on the size of the tree and how much work is involved.

We have to consider how easy or difficult it is to remove the debris once the tree has been worked on. How far is it to where we can position our “chipper” (the machine that reduces the branches etc to fine chippings to take the debris away. Depending on the size of the tree, this could be a couple of tonnes of heavy wood!

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